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Medical Cloud Platform
A comprehensive Cloud Native Platform for Researchers, Medical Device Development, Healthcare, and Machine Learning.

Cloud Native Software Development

Imagine your Software Defined Medical Device on an IEC-62304 compliant Cloud Native Platform. Automatic invocation of Cloud Builders for all of your platforms including Embedded C/C++, Java, OpenEmbedded Linux (Yocto/Bitbake), Cloud apps, and Mobile devices, using standard and custom tool-chains. And once the builds (Continuous Integration) are complete, imagine Continuous Testing of your ISO-14971 (Requirements from Risk Analysis) matrix demonstrating 100% coverage and traceability. Automatic deployment of applications including Over-The-Air (OTA) updates to in-the-field devices. Ingest real-time data from thousands of IoT devices and load petabytes of data into Server-less databases. Custom workflows for big data data ingestion. Modern microservice architecture for web pages, web apps, and machine learning all using message queues, Server-less functions and containers, and geographically distributed container orchestration with Kubernetes at the click of a button.

Drop into your source code a C/C++, Java, or python module and immediately start streaming IoT data to the Cloud. Perform real-time machine learning on your data as it arrives in the Cloud. Maximum communication efficiency with ethernet, WiFi, Mesh, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low Energy communication modules. Easily separate application communications from telemetry data using backhaul channel technology. If you only have Bluetooth, then install the Bluetooth Edge Server on-premise to collect and stream the data from all your devices. Perform predictive analysis and machine learning on your devices in the cloud and update your on-premises models in real-time. Autoscale your Machine Learning workloads for maximum efficiency.

Wireless Fault Tolerance, Scalability, and Security

Minimize risk to customers with easy fault tolerant and secure wireless communications. It's not possible to perform Risk Analysis on every customer's possible WiFi configuration. Proven wireless technologies that allow you to drop in Mesh Networks, Medical Device as Infrastructure technology, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Personal Area Networks (PAN). Zero configuration out-of-box setup modules make for an excellent customer experience. Learn more...

Embedded Systems and Robotics

We have decades of experience developing embedded robotic and digital signal processing applications others can't touch. Real-time control loops and trajectory generators for multiple articulated multi-axis robots on single chip controllers. Sub-micron position accuracy at extreme low cost. Vision and force guided real-time path modifcations. Continuous path. Custom programming languages. We have over 20 years of experience deploying robots across many industries in numerous countries across Europe, Asia, and North America.



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